Posted by Tyler Scarlet on 8:49 PM

Here are some acrylic paintings that I did from a model.

They took somewhere between 5 to 6 hours to paint. I like how they turned out! This semester was the first time I have ever used acrylic paints and it has been a big change from oil paints. I am starting to get used to them and am starting to like them even though I do miss oils ha ha.

By the way I changed the layout of the blog! I think that it is much better than the other layout. You should tell me what you guys think about it. If you know any other layout that you think would be good you should tell me about them.


Posted by Scott Daly on 7:32 PM

I haven't done a master study in about 1 1/2 years now so I've decided to invest some time in them. I'm starting off using them as value studies but hopefully after awhile I'll take my time on some color ones. The master painters are John Singer Sargent, Frederick Church, and Albert Bierstadt respectively. They each took me about 1 1/2 hours with Photoshop (CS4!). Let's post some of those master studies guys and gals.

Posted by Charles McKinnon on 1:14 PM

Posted by Charles McKinnon on 4:55 PM

The thrid one is acrylic and the first two are oil. Rather rusty with oil and have been doing acrylic all semester for figure 2 so it will take some time to get in the swing.

Posted by Scott Daly on 11:56 PM

Tommy Painting.

Posted by Matthew Byle on 9:34 AM

Sweet stuff dudes, here's a little something I did over the weekend and a little different technique I was trying out in class for portrait with Eric.

Posted by Tyler Scarlet on 4:47 PM

Here are some oil paintings that i did at Cliff's Saturday drawing clinic. I have been finding it really fun to do these quick paintings that range from 2o mins to 45 mins long. I am getting faster and getting to explore different styles. These were all done on foam core boards which are really great to paint on and cuts the drying time too. I did some today too but they are still a little wet and I don't feel like wiping oil paint all over my scanner. There is going to be one more drawing clinic on the 6th if you guys want to try it out.

Also i was talking to Scott and he had the awesome idea of us all getting together and painting some landscapes or doing some figure painting. Also to go along with that Charles said that his friends that model for him could model for us, all we would have to do is just buy them lunch or something. Anyways tell me what you guys think! If you guys want to do it we could figure out a day that works best for all of us and go and try it out. I think it would be fun.